How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home


Choosing paint colors can be difficult. Where do you start?


Here is what I suggest to my clients.

1. Acquire paint swatches you like, tape them to the wall and stand back at least 6 feet to view the colors. You cannot see the colors when you are right on top of them. The same concept as, you can’t see the forest through the trees.
2. When you narrow it down to one or two colors, you can purchase a quart of the paint from the same paint vendor where you plan to make your final paint purchase. Keep in mind that paint can vary from different vendors due to the base and colorant.
3. Do not paint the actual wall. Take a poster board and apply two coats of the paint to it and let it dry. Now you can tape the poster board to your wall. This way you can move them around the room to view them on different walls.

paint swatches 4. Look at the color from a distance, for at least a 24-hour period before making a final decision. The paint color will appear differently throughout the day and night due to lighting.
5. Since you painted on a poster board, if you do not like the color in that room, you can move it to a different room and try it out there. Also, your painter will be pleased that he/she will not have to remove the paint spots before painting your room.
6. If you are feeling overwhelmed at this point, pick up the phone and give us a call. We can book a color consult for you.

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